Garden Grows

I’ve been spending some time in my garden, watching over the vegetables in my raised bed, adding a few plants to the flower beds, and (above all) weeding. There’s still a lot to do, but here are a few photos from my backyard, carefully composed to avoid showing the areas that need the most work!

Pink and pinker dianthus.


Flowers in my container of annuals.

A view of the garden through the trellis.

Beets sprouting, with marigolds in the background.

My vegetable garden is starting to take off!

A cluster of pink roses.


16 thoughts on “Garden Grows

  1. HI Theresa…you have a big backyard garden….I wish I have a garden like yours..then I can plant all the herbs I need to use for my cooking. Now I can only plant them on pots and hang them up for fear of the garden pest…lots of snails in the small patch of ground 😦 yours looks great with the flowers blooming now 🙂

    1. Having a garden is such a blessing. We have lots of snails and slugs here, too, but I’ve tried to limit their impact with companion planting. Apparently, they don’t like being around marigolds, for instance. I lived for a few years in an apartment that didn’t even have a balcony, but I hung planter boxes on the south-facing window and managed to have a lovely, tiny flower garden. Even the smallest patch of greenery is beautiful.

  2. Wow – it looks like you have been keeping busy back there. And you are making me feel very guilty about the 24′ sand circle that has been in my back yard since May when I took out the swimming pool.

    1. It’s been great – I had lots of help from my family, though. My uncle especially is good at building and thinking through this sort of project. Based on my dimensions for the garden, he brought exactly the right number of bricks, with a few extra to make a border around one of my flower patches. There’s always next year to rid yourself of that sand circle, Cher!

    1. Thanks, Elaine. I love all the flowers I have this year and am looking forward to putting in some more perennials over the next year.

  3. It’s not so weed-free anymore! I sprained my ankle a few weeks ago and got behind with the weeding. Normally, though, it’s a matter of keeping up with it. I use the square-foot method and do a really good job once a week. There are still always weeds coming up, but if you get them when they’re small, it’s relatively easy.

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