A little something to heal the spirit

It’s the day after our federal election and I’m in need of a lighthearted post – it was an extremely dramatic election night.

So, here’s a small round up of some of the things that are happening in this neck of the woods:

On Thursday, the Museum of Vancouver opens its Bhangra.me exhibition, about the history of Bhangra in Vancouver. Their programming has become absolutely stellar, both in the museum itself and in the ways it takes its exhibitions beyond that space.

This coming weekend, the Ederlezi Balkan Brass Festival puts on a bunch of high-energy shows. Or, if crafts are more your thing, you can go to Got Craft? and do some last-minute Mothers’ Day shopping.

The next weekend, the 2011 Northern Voice Personal Blogging and Social Media Conference is happening. I’m looking forward to the photo workshops, especially as the conference is on the same weekend as this.

I’m happy the Vancouver Farmers’ Market summer season is beginning again soon – I’ve been missing the convenience of going to the Trout Lake site.

Throughout much of May, you can check out emerging artists at Emily Carr University’s Degree Exhibition.

That’s only a smidgeon of what’s going on, of course. Here are a few links to sites that can tell you about even more:


Vancouver is Awesome

Georgia Straight

I’d love to know what’s happening where you are. Or, if you’re from here, anything I’ve missed that you’d like to share.


15 thoughts on “A little something to heal the spirit

  1. I love bhangra! Too bad I don’t get free tickets to MoV openings any more, or I’d invite my favourite Museum date (you). 🙂

    If you’ll be at Northern Voice on the Friday, look for Rob; he’ll be there.

    1. Thanks, Leslie! I think I’d like to go to this one – maybe we can go together as paying customers.

      I’ll keep an eye out for Rob – that really is an unpleasant phrase, isn’t it?

      1. That’s true – that phrase is much worse. And let’s arrange a time to go to the show!

  2. That first picture is absolutely stunning, Teresa.
    I have been reading some of the coverage from down here – it sounds like you need something uplifting.

  3. The photo of spring blossoms at the top of your post is gorgeous! If I was in Vancouver, I’d love to check out some of these events.

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