FFWD – Mustard Bâtons

Some treats, in looks and taste, seem decadent out of proportion to the difficulty of their execution. Provided that you have puff pastry on hand, these bâtons fall into this category.

I chose to make the tapenade version of the bâtons, using the Olivada recipe from Moosewood Restaurant Cooks at Home. This recipe uses ingredients I generally have on hand, so it’s become a favourite. As I had leftover gluten-free rough puff pastry in the freezer (from this wonderful French Fridays foray), there was no need for a shopping trip at all. I haven’t tried Dorie’s tapenade yet, but it looks wonderful – I just don’t usually have anchovies on hand. Instead of poppy seeds, I used sliced almonds, which toasted nicely while the bâtons (slices, really, the way I cut them) baked.

We enjoyed these, but they won’t become a staple in our house, unless I find a source for frozen gluten-free puff pastry. I like the rough puff pastry recipe I used quite a lot, but it’s a time-consuming task that I’ll probably only undertake two or three times a year. So, we’ll enjoy these with the pleasure reserved for the very occasional treat.

You can find many other blogged descriptions of this week’s FFWD recipe here: Mustard Bâtons


19 thoughts on “FFWD – Mustard Bâtons

  1. Gorgeous. I love the almonds on top – they are so pretty to begin with and yet the almonds take it to the next level. And kudos for managing the gluten free version. I think one of the reasons I will be repeating this one so frequently is that my game plan is to use the store bought puff pastry. Not gourmet but it works for us and that level of ease gets the job done, if you know what I mean 🙂 Nana and I each enjoyed this one big time. She experimented a bit more with fillings but I was still delighted that my last minute, day of the deadline still delivered amazing results. A keeper for sure and another fabulous French Friday. Great post and photos !

  2. Really enjoy your posts and photos. You do a great job with your blog. I like your creativity and you’ve given me some ideas. The almonds are beautiful.

  3. The almonds in the olivada and on top of your batons sound delicious. I’m also impressed by the “made their own puff pastry” contingent in the group.

  4. This is a wonderful recipe and you’ve really made your own unique version of it;-)
    I like the sliced almonds on top of the tapenade filled batons. They look simply luscious in your top photo;-) Great job on the puff pastry too;-)

  5. Nice touch with the b & w photo! The almonds with the tapenade is a great idea. Your batons look wonderful! I hope you do try the quick puff pastry recipe gluten-free, Teresa. It would be wonderful it it turns out the way you like that way you can keep some in the freezer or not because it is so quick and easy to make.

  6. Those are lovely. It’s great that you were able to adapt these so that you both could enjoy them.
    That tapenade looks wonderful – I really like a lot of the Moosewood recipes (and I kick myself for not getting out there, because they are only a couple of hours away).

  7. Those look delicious! I will have to try that Olivada recipe (I have that cookbook too); it looks like a nice ingredient to have on hand.

  8. Homemade puff pastry must have really elevated these. They look wonderful with the sliced almonds and I’m glad you reported that you liked the tapenade version!

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