I am a tea drinker. Though I’m not indiscriminate, I’m wide-ranging in the sorts of tea I’ll consume. A few months ago, I had a conversation with a tea aficionado, who spoke of provenance and visits to tea plantations. I replied that I like tea of all sorts, except for orange pekoe. I don’t think I passed muster. My tea cupboards (yes, there’s more than one) are full of a variety of teas, mostly mid-grade, with a small quantity of quite good tea. I tend to buy organic and fair trade teas now, though there are still some exceptions.

I’ve had very good tea and very bad tea (orange pekoe, I’m looking at you), but I can’t say that I am only willing to drink the best. Some of my favourite tea-drinking memories are of sitting at my grandparents’ table, playing double solitaire with my Grandma and working my way through a pot of strong, black tea. It may have come from the supermarket, but she made it properly and it tasted just right.

Here are a few of the places I love to go for a good cuppa:

The Empress Hotel (we celebrated my mother’s 70th birthday there)


The Secret Garden



I haven’t been to the Hotel Vancouver for their afternoon tea yet, but I hear it’s fabulous.

Where are your favourite tea rooms? If you’re not a tea drinker, tell me about your favourite haunts.


7 thoughts on “Cuppa

  1. I am also a tea drinker, Teresa! My favorite tea room here closed a few years ago and I haven’t found a place I like as much. I do enjoy going to Teavana and trying their new teas and I have heard that the Russian Tea Room downtown is good, but I haven’t tried it yet. I just love the ritual of tea, don’t you? It it so soothing and calming. I usually take some cream and sugar in mine as I drank it that way as a child in England and old habits die hard. I have, however, finally acquired a taste for green tea without cream and sugar because I know that it is better for you that way. I love all the teas you have in tins.

  2. Lovely tea cupboard! I rarely drink tea, but I do appreciate seeing other people enjoy the taste of it and the rituals involved in making it exactly the way they like it. What was that dessert place on Main Street we went to years ago? I think that was a good tea place, too.

  3. @Elaine – That’s always sad when a favourite place closes. Teavana looks interesting – I love the look of their canisters. I’ve not had a full Russian-style tea; I must put that on my list. I drink my tea clear, but love the ritual of pouring tea with cream and sugar for guests.

    @Tricia – it was Sweet Revenge. I haven’t been there in some time, but should revisit it. I tend to think of the desserts there first, but they do serve quite good tea, too.

    1. I love the fragrance of jasmine tea, too. Jasmine tea is perfect for spring, I think. My favourites are black teas, but I love all sorts of teas, along with sort-of teas like rooibos.

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