Spring is in full force now. In my garden, the snowdrops are fading away, leaving mysterious clumps of foliage behind. Other bulbs are just starting to poke spears through the soil, while bleeding hearts and rhubarb are beginning to unfurl. Out in the neighbourhood, blossoms are appearing on the trees and the crocuses are still in bloom.

Spring is my favourite season in Vancouver. There’s something about the quality of the air, composed of sea and mountain breezes, along with the early foliage and flowers that makes me feel more alive at this time of year than any other.

The Vancouver Cherry Blossom Festival is taking advantage of all this beauty and is organizing a number of events. My pick is Velopalooza’s annual Bike the Blossoms ride. I’m also excited about Simon Fraser University’s Tales From Terminal City project at Granville Island this coming weekend, in celebration of Vancouver’s 125th year.

That’s not all that’s going on in the City, of course. If the outdoors isn’t your thing, you could always hide inside the CBC Studios for a few hours. The Debaters are taping their television series until April 1st.

I also wanted to mention a couple of events that have been organized to help the relief effort in Japan. This weekend is the Vancouver Japan Relief Walk for Hope. In late April, there will also be a bake sale to raise relief funds for Japan.

That’s just a smattering of what’s going on here in Vancouver. I’d love to hear about how your community is waking up to spring.


9 thoughts on “Sprung

  1. @Allison – thanks! We really are lucky. Whenever I get bogged down with obligations or worries, I remind myself to really look around me. The mountains, the sea and the greenness need to be appreciated regularly.
    @Tricia – thanks for stopping by. I hope that people drop by your blog and look at your fantastic spring photos.
    @Cher – thanks! It’s been too lovely out lately not to share.
    @Leslie -Hooray for Spring, indeed! I’m glad you like the post.

  2. Your photos are beautiful! What a great welcome to Spring. Vancouver sounds exciting and ‘happening’! I would love to go to the Cherry Blossom Festival and also participate in raising relief funds for Japan. My community seems to be still sleeping!

  3. Thanks, Ker-Yng! Vancouver’s a pretty good little city. I’m happy that there’s been some beautiful sunshine lately, along with the rain. I hope your community gets to welcome some spring weather soon.

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