FFWD – Creamy Mushrooms and Eggs

Creamy mushrooms and egg on brioche.

Yesterday was an ‘egg’stravaganza – making brioche, then using it to make this week’s recipe and next week’s French toast bread pudding. That’s more than a dozen eggs, not even counting those I used for the upcoming Baking with Julia rhubarb cake. It was a busy day, that called for a simple supper.

Dorie’s Creamy Mushrooms and Eggs is meant as an appetizer, but I served this as a light supper for three. Two pieces of toasted brioche, a third of the mushrooms, and a poached egg was more than enough, especially since there was rhubarb upside down cake for dessert. I subbed dried mint for the fresh and 2% milk for the cream, but I don’t think the dish suffered. It was comforting, creamy, and rich.

I gave most of the baking to family and friends, but there’s one of the rhubarb cakes and a little coup√©tade in the fridge for the weekend. The mushrooms and eggs will show up on the menu again, with gluten-free bread standing in for the brioche. It’s too good not to share with Kevin.

Loaves of brioche in a bowl, against a cork background.

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