Fort Langley, Again

Flowers on Fort Langley's Brae Island

Last week, I wandered around Fort Langley for an afternoon, while waiting for my mother to get her hair done. I took Roxy to Brae Island Park, then met my mother for lunch. It wasn’t as leisurely a stroll as we’d been expecting – there was a new television program filming up and down the main street. I’m pretty sure that Roxy’s barking ruined at least one of their takes…

Set-building near Jacob Haldi Bridge in Fort Langley

What we thought was a new ice cream shop turned out to be a set for a new series called Cedar Cove, which was filming all around us as we looked for a place to have lunch.

Say Cheese in Fort Langley (with bonus film industry reflection)

I think I may have offended one of the actors, who was leaning against the glass of this sandwich shop, when I asked her to move a little out of the frame. You can see the crew in the reflection. It was a busy day in Fort Langley.

Say Cheese in Fort Langley

Say Cheese is tiny, but their sandwiches are good – we opted for the Butter Chicken, which wasn’t as Indian-spiced as we’d hoped, but enjoyable all the same.

The sandwiches at Fort Langley's Say Cheese

The sandwiches, in all their glory.

Gasoline Alley in Fort Langley

We took a look down Gasoline Alley, which has small shops, including Cranberries, Naturally (famous for being included in the Oscars gift extravaganza last year). We stopped in at a new store, Mangia e Scappa, then popped in to watch the beans pour out of the roaster at Republica Coffee.

Mangia e Scappa

We walked away with two pizzas (one was a gluten-free treat for my partner) and a small sample of bread. Giulia, the owner, makes everything herself, even growing the herbs she uses.

Roasted beans pouring out at Republica Coffee Roasters

There’s nothing like the smell of freshly roasted coffee beans.

Fort Langley's main drag

The main drag.

The view from Brae Island Park in Fort Langley

The view from Brae Island Park