Lime Honey Beet Salad

Close up of beet salad

Remember sour candies? Perhaps you still indulge once in a while. I have occasionally, though chocolate was always my favourite treat. Their appeal lies in the contrast between the powerfully sour coating and the sweetness of the candy underneath. It’s a pleasurable shock.

Dorie’s Lime Honey Beet Salad has that same effect, albeit in a much more grown up and healthier fashion. My first bite had me drawing a quick breath of surprise, even though I knew exactly what was in the salad (I made it, after all). We had this with a slow-cooked moose stew that I’d cooked overnight and it made a nice contrast.

Just a quick, late post this time. It’s been a busy month and I’m looking forward to a less hectic July.

Lime Honey Beet Salad

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